Roch Manual Microwave Best Price in Kenya

  • Don’t waste a lot of time trying to light your stove to warm your food to steaming hot. Get yourself a life-saving and time-saving appliance to make your life much easier. Here are some of its features;
  • Mechanical control- A mechanical microwave oven employs a mechanical timer. A mechanical timer is operated such that if a knob is rotated to a scale corresponding to a desired time, a switch is turned on/off at the desired time by unwinding a spring or a motor’s rotation.
  • 5 power levels- that is 100% High, 70% medium-high, 50% medium, 30% medium-low, and 10% low.
  • 35 minutes timer- This means the maximum time to set is 35 minutes.
  • Glass door- its mainly used for viewing the food inside the microwave if it’s ready
  • Defrost setting
  • Cook end signal- This is a signal to let you know that the food is ready or the time you had set is over
  • Rotary glass tray 255mm- This is a turntable where you place your food to rotate it and ensure the food is heated evenly.

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Roch Manual Microwave Oven 700W, 20L – RMW-20L8M-B (B)
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